Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Middle seat

My name is Tamara Snyder. I’m a vice president with Edelman's Employee Engagement practice. After reading that, your first question is probably, “so Tamara, what is it that you actually do?” You can read the official description on our practice’s website, but the short answer is, our team helps companies build connections with their employees. In practical terms, that means I work on assignments that touch every aspect of the employee experience: mergers and acquisitions, internal communications, leadership training, business transformations, ambassador programs, you name it, I’ve probably at least dabbled in it.

Recently, I was headed home from a meeting on a cross-country flight, feeling like a real winner in the middle seat. Somewhere over Nevada I contemplated retrieving my Kindle from the suitcase overhead, but laziness won out and there I sat, alone with my thoughts for four hours. I had just finished a particularly intense client assignment, and I was taking the advice of a long-time Edelman mentor and asking myself, what did I learn? What didn’t I anticipate? What will I do differently – or exactly the same – next time? I force myself through this mental checklist at the conclusion of each project. I also try to do this every Friday, so that no matter how chaotic, disjointed or outright grisly the week was, I leave the office feeling just the tiniest bit smarter. (It doesn’t always work, by the way, and sometimes I just ditch the checklist in favor of drinks with friends.)

It was there – 30,000 feet above the heartland - that this blog was born. As a former journalist, I’m following my natural urge to share the unique, the unexpected and the useful aspects of my experiences related to employee engagement, communication strategy, agency life or client service. Clients and colleagues, rest easy: This is not going to be an expose. I’ll never mention anyone or any company by name and I’ll change identifying details. And while I work for Edelman and will occasionally share IP and official perspectives from our practice, the views and experiences I describe are my own.

So with that, here we go.

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  1. Tamara - LOVE the blog! Keep the great content coming! Rebecca